Super Clarifier w/Flock (1qt.)
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Super Clarifier is a concentrated water clarifier and flocculent. It has been desined for use in pools, spas and hot tubs. Unlike other clarifiers, Super Clarifier cannot be overdosed. Super Clarifier may be used with any type of filter because it aids filters by congealing smaller particles into large masses. These masses either fall to the bottom where they can be vacuumed up or are drawn into and trapped by the filter.
  • Compatible with all pool and filter types
  • Can not be overdosed
  • No need to raise pH
  • Swim immediately after use
  • 1 once per 5,000 gallons maintenance
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Add Super Clarifer directly to your pools' skimmer at the rate of 1 fluid once per 5,000 gallons. Make sure the pools' recirculation system is in the "filter" mode and that the skimmer is operating.

An alternitive method is to pour the required dosage into a plastic pail containing at least 5 gallons of pool water, mixing, and pouring the diluted solution into the pool as you walk around it.

After serveral hours of circulation, shut down the pump and allow the Super Flock to settle all particles to the pools' bottom. This process usually takes 8-24 hours, but overnight is usually sufficient.


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