Pool Protector Winterizing Kit (Mesh Covered 30,000 Gallon Pools)
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Our SunGuard Winterizing Kit is designed specifically to treat in-ground Mesh Covered Pools, both chlorine & non-chlorine.

This Winterizing Kit includes Algae Control Plus to treat and eliminate blue-green, black and mustard algae. Simply add the Algae Control Plus every three months to your swimming pool water and your pool water will sparkle like never before.

Also included in the Winterizing Kit is Stain, Rust & Scale Control. Stain, Rust & Scale Control prevents stains and scaling from Iron, Copper or Manganese by sequestering the material that causes stains and scaling and holding them in solution, leaving your swimming pool walls mark free.

Finally, the kit comes with a Winterizing Enhancer Floater. The Winterizing Enhancer Floater is placed into the swimming pool and dispenses necessary chemicals at the right time during the proper temperature to keep your pool water just right.

The Poo Protector Winterizing Kit is effective until water temperatures reach 65°F. At that time, please begin your regular in-season pool care program.

For use in chlorine, in-ground and non-chlorine pools.

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